Acceptable use

Email Thru requires permission-based email marketing. Our customers certify that they will use our services only to send email to customers and prospects that have expressly consented (opted-in) to receive them. Our customers are forbidden to transmit spam via our system and/or the Email Thru Services.

“Spam” is unsolicited commercial email, junk email, or bulk email that has not been requested by a recipient.

Prohibition Against Spam

Our customers may not use the Email Thru Services or the products or services provided through or in connection with the Email Thru Services to send spam. Our customers agree not to send emails via our system unless the recipient has explicitly opted-in to receive an email directly from the customer. For any opt-in list of email addresses used in Email Thru’s system, customers agree to provide us with the source of the addresses, the method used for recipient opt-in, details surrounding the process used, and whatever other information relates to the transaction or sign-up process. This includes, but isn’t limited to, date and time of sign up, IP address of signup, website signed up from, disclosures provided in connection with the signup, manner of obtaining agreement, and whatever other information the customer asked of the recipient at point of sign up.

Our customers certify that they will not use rented, traded, or purchased lists, email append lists, or any list that contains email addresses captured in any method other than express, customer-specific opt-in when using our system to send emails. The use of opt-out lists for such communications is prohibited in our system. Email Thru retains the right to review customer accounts and emails to verify that customers are abiding by the privacy and permission policies set forth herein. Our customers are required to comply with our policies, the policies of our infrastructure providers, and all applicable laws. Buying lists of email addresses from third parties and sending bulk emails to the addresses on that list is expressly prohibited and may result in the suspension and eventual termination of the customer’s account.

Customers agree that an unsubscribe or opt-out option will be automatically appended to every email sent via Email Thru. If an email is sent with an unsubscribe option removed in any way outside of an appropriate transactional email send, it will be considered a violation of this policy and may result in termination of a customer’s account.

In the event that a customer violates any one of our usage rules, Email Thru reserves the right to suspend or terminate, without notice, access to the customer’s account and all related data.

Reporting and Addressing Complaints

Unsubscribe from the email with the opt-out option of your choice and send us a message to notify us of spam. To report abuse directly to Email Thru, please click here. Alternatively, or in addition, feel free to report the message to a spam reporting entity. For example, Spamcop at provides an easy way to report unwanted mail as spam. You can also use your email provider’s (Gmail, Hotmail, Oath) “report as spam” mechanism to notify the ISP that the message is spam. ISPs use this information to determine good senders from bad senders, and we regularly work with ISPs to take action based on that data.

We receive, investigate, catalog, and take appropriate action based on the complaints we receive.

Our customer will be notified of the complaint and may be required to provide account access for an independent review of the complaint received. During this review, the email address will be unsubscribed from all future mailing. Additionally, our customer will need to provide information regarding the source and opt-in method of selected email addresses in their overall database or of the specific complaint.

If our customer is unable or unwilling to provide explicit opt-in information, the customer’s account privileges may be suspended and eventually terminated at Email Thru’s discretion. If you have any further questions about Email Thru’s Anti-Spam policy, please contact our team for further assistance.